Ask Google in a different way!

Google is not only one of the biggest web search engines. It is also a bunch of very creative people :)

Today searching for information is easy. We all got used to that. If you need to find something on a specific topic, you just type your request into the Google search and choose the right source.

But what if Internet access is just not available?

Father and son sent a request to Google in a very non-standard way. And got an answer!

So... Father and son - Timm and Michael - were in a summercamp and suddenly needed some information about "Deichhörnchen". As they didn't have an access to the Internet they decided to simply send the question by letter to Google in Hamburg. And in less than seven days the Googlers have responded and sent a handwritten answer with both information and images :)

But Timm and Michael made a mistake in the first letter (It had to be "Eichhörnchen" instead of "Deichhörnchen"). Here is their letter:


And an approximate translation:

"Hey Google, unfortunately we have no Internet in here, but we'd like you to ask you for some information.
We are interested in everything about "Deichhörnchen" - what is this creature, where does it live, what does it eat?
Though you can handle the request for free as usual, you can send advertising in your answer. Thank you :)"

And that's what they got:


An approximate translation:

"Dear Tim, dear Michael, did you mean Eichhörnchen? Results for Deichhörnchen: ; SearchResult: Wikipedia: Rare related to squirrel species which became extinct because of the lack of dams.

[Advertising: If you have questions, use Google. Preferebly online. ]
Have lots of fun in summercamp.

The Google Offline Team (beta) :-)"

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